"Give me a foothold and I will lift the world" said the mathematical physicist philosopher ARCHImedes (288-212 BC), meaning by world the Earth that can be lifted entirely through the instrument of lever, while about 1700 years later looking at the sky GaliLEO (1564-1642), also a mathematical astronomer philosopher, added: "Yet it moves!", speaking of the Earth no longer still but moving around the sun, in the meantime a century earlier LEOnardo conceived and designed mobility mechanisms of all kinds for then and to come. The designer duo OVO (Maurizio Orrico - Enrica Vulcano) has seen fit to put together these two-three philosophical-scientific-artistic truths to create a paradoxical mobile seat called ARCHILEO for this reason. Starting from the wheelbarrow, one of the first, if not the first mechanical vehicle, has designed a seat, like Marcel Duchamp, or Achille Castiglioni and Bruno Munari, that can also be easily moved if desired. With a simple act of re-functionalization, OVO has transformed a means of transporting things into an armchair that can also be moved with the seated person if necessary. Thus, if from "What is born What" as Bruno Munari said, here the wheelbarrow thing becomes an ARCHILEO armchair that promises a sitting journey of living. Sitting here can also become a game that brings together childhood and adult life: movement and states. Then the ARCHILEO wheelbarrow chair also becomes a Proustian madeleine that takes us back to our childhood, the age in which everything is play and where even a work tool is used by children as a playful medium. At this point it becomes evident that sitting in ARCHILEO relaxes us and amuses us at the same time, making us happy to rest, but at the same time makes us aware that we can move, be able to be here and elsewhere which is the condition when design becomes art. . Finally, we like to emphasize that it is no stranger to the fact that this armchair represents a joyful novelty also inspired by the OVO logo, where the O is the wheel, the V the lever arm and the other O the case: O





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